Hello everyone!
My name is Darya and welcome to my Althemy website!
I can say a lot of things about me, but nowadays, who believes only in words? Or who am I to convince anybody to believe in my words or anything else, right? So that's why I'm going to give you some basics about me and then I'll let you explore my world, my personality, my work, all by yourself ^^ Enjoy!
I'm Russian, but almost all my life I've been living in Bulgaria (Europe).
I'm Pisces.
My interests are:
~ Modeling - Honestly, this is my greatest love. For me, there's no feeling in the world like the happiness of being in front of the camera.
~ Witchcraft
~ Art - Everything about it. Drawing, painting, photography (to be in front of the camera, but also taking charge behind the camera and photo editing as well), inventing and creating different kinds of objects (such as clothes, jewelry, accessories)
~ Being a Fashion Designer
~ Makeup - I'm makeup-obsessed!
~ Horror movies
~ Music - metalcore, industrial metal, gothic metal
~ Collecting black and purple stuff. Yeah, those are my favourites colours and I'm addicted to them, everytime I buy something it's in these two colours. I have a lot of black and purple roses (some of them I bought, and some of them I made by myself), purple candles, 90% of my clothes are in black.
~ Gothic culture and everything about the Gothic fashion - I adore it! Well, I know there's a whole bunch of different Goth types, but no matter which one of them you are, I think the most precious thing of all is that it allows you to be yourself no matter what. To feel free to express yourself, to be creative and to be free to show your creations!
And I don't think you can call yourself a "goth" just because you're wearing black clothes. Or even if you dressed like a Goth but only for a photo shoot. It's all about living it, feeling it, not being afraid or ashamed. Just to be yourself and most important, to feel free, comfortable and satisfied in your own body.
- Cats!
- Long hair (both on men and women)
Many other things you can learn about me and my personality by simply following my blogs.